Setting up the homestead Part 5

A trip to Amishville, Mardens and some amazing news times 2!

Dill Seed Collection

Dill is an amazingly fragrant, tasty herb that grows prolifically in a lot of different climates. It grows fast and is used in different stages of life for different things. When its just sprouting, baby dill is prized for the taste it lends to crispy dilly beans or pickles. When its mature and has goneContinue reading “Dill Seed Collection”

MOFGA Common Ground 2016

It was a beautiful, chilly start to our Saturday morning. We were on the road before the sun had even broken over the horizon. So early, the chickens were still sleeping peacefully on their roosts. But with a 3 hour drive in the general direction of way out of town, we wanted to get there,Continue reading “MOFGA Common Ground 2016”