Dill Seed Collection

Dill is an amazingly fragrant, tasty herb that grows prolifically in a lot of different climates. It grows fast and is used in different stages of life for different things. When its just sprouting, baby dill is prized for the taste it lends to crispy dilly beans or pickles. When its mature and has gone to seed its useful as a cooking spice or to use as seed to grow next years harvest.

Dill is super easy to harvest for seed too. all you need is a mature dill plant, scissors, some string and a paper bag.

Boom – mature dill, that because of the beautiful Fall weather we had, is actually sprouting more flowers.


Flowering dill always kinda reminds me of fire works.

With this plant I’ll only be cutting off the stems with the mature seeds.



Once the seeded flower heads are gathered, tie them into a bouquet and put them seed side down in your paper bag.

Tie your paper bag shut with the stems sticking out a little, giving you a little handle.

Now your ready to shake, rattle and roll- literally! The seeds, as long as they are ready, should come off pretty easily as long as you are pretty vigorous in your shaking, and rolling of the bag, either on the counter or between your hands. Just don’t be so excited that you bust your bag.


After your seeds have been shaken loose of the stems, its time to store them until next seasons planting or for use as a spice.



Yeah- that’s just one of the rubbermaid containers. I label the top with the seed and year and done. Use within a year.

Until another day, have a wicked one, right.

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