Strawberry Fields Aplenty- well for right now.

  WE PLANTED STRAWBERRIES! LOOK! THEY’RE ALREADY GROWING! We dug out a long trench, lined it with some good garden soil from Maine’s very own Coast Of Maine line, lined them up and down the row and filled them in. We are trying to decide if we want to go the traditional route of strawContinue reading “Strawberry Fields Aplenty- well for right now.”

The chicks are here!

After a long couple of days- we are proud to announce the arrival of 11 new family members! It was originally supposed to be 15- but our Brahmas were canceled…. then it was supposed to be 13 but the trip was to much for one little polish and one little salmon faverolle. Hoovers Hatchery hasContinue reading “The chicks are here!”