Strawberry Fields Update!

In a bare 3 weeks our strawberries have gone from this to this!


Both of our varieties are June/Summer bearing varieties, which means technically we’re supposed to pinch off all those baby berries to make the plants put more growth into the plant itself.

We started, but have a 2 year old and a life with jobs and stuff. We’re hoping to get back to it over the next few evenings. We have yet to actually mulch. We’ve been using the disruption method of weed control by tilling in between the rows. Finding good clean straw is more difficult then I had thought it would be.

Well anyway, lots of other stuff going on. We’re getting ready to transition the chicks to the outdoor area and still working on getting out garden in. Its daylight from 4 to almost 9 and there is still not enough time to get everything done.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!

Update 06222017 – We got the buds all picked off in our lunch break, the day after I published this. Here’s hoping they just go back into vegetative growth and we can put our time to other activities for now.

Until next time, have a wicked good one!

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