Planting Garlic

When we moved to the new homestead, we all of a sudden had a huge side yard to plant a garden in. This year we’ve really been able to go full out on some planting projects.

A very exciting first for us?


That there is 2 different varieties, both bought solely for the reason that they were only a quarter a pack!

The Italian Purple is a hardneck variety known for its rich & musky flavor, that peels easily – it’s not much of a risk to grow in the North and we should get some nice 2″ bulbs if we leave any in the ground to over winter.

The Inchelium Red is a soft neck variety with a mild flavor at harvest that is supposed to get stronger in storage. It’s a national taste test winner that was discovered in the Coleville Indian Reservation in Washington. Also not much of a risk to grow in our northern climate.

We know its a bit late in the season to be planting stuff still, but really, for a buck we have to take the chance at some yummy home grown garlic. Some of the cloves I got were no good, but we got probably a hundred total from 8 bulbs.

First thing on my garlic planting to do list was to mix up some good cow manure and our favorite garden soil from Coast of Maine. Then I dug four rows in  a small patch. With the quality of the cloves I was planting, I don’t expect all of them to come up, so I planted them a little closer then recommended.

I made sure to nestle the little guys, root down and gently covered them with our regular soil.

We had a few good days of sun and now we’re getting a little (well needed) rain today. Here’s hoping that we have garlic sprouts come this weekend!

Until next time, have a wicked good day!

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