We got a wood chipper! 

It’s used but it’s in great condition

And we only paid 50 bucks for it! MrGillis has already gone and bought the bagged attachment for it – a well invested $60 on top.

The duct tape is to help keep it sealed better, but after an inspection MrGillis seems to think that it’s no big deal.


Also looks like a possible flat tire- just air needed no repair.

This years model (which does have a mightier engine) goes for about 800 brand new. We’ll take our second hand deal all the way to the bank. We know the original and only owner and he is fastidious about general upkeep- duct tape being a recognized tool box requirement in places like Down East Maine.

We are going to make so much mulch.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!



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