Strawberry Fields- Another Update!

Yes, we know they need to be weeded. Yes, we know that if we put straw on them, it would keep the weeds from growing.

There is a friggen horse flies nest on the end of the last row and it’s hard enough to just get them watered. Those suckers will chase your for miles, I swear.

But look at well how they’re growing anyway!

We have found it near impossible to get straw- everyone grows hay. So we’ve been doing some research on what to grow and it appears that Barley straw will be best for a couple different uses.

One, its soft and springy so it will be a nice cushion for the berries.

Two, we can put it in the ponds to cut down on the algae growth as it break down into a “algistat”. Not to be confused with an “algicide” which would kill existing algae as well.

Three, we can use it as nesting material for the girls – because of aforementioned bounciness and springiness, we feel they’ll like it.

So, we are going to buy a few pounds of that seed for next year and grow our own straw. In the meantime, we’re going to have to do some weeding, smacking at horse flies all the while.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!

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