My Chicken Kit – First Aid For The Birds

We live in a pretty remote area. Its quicker to list the things we DO have, that’s how remote…. a bank, a grocery store, two gas stations, one of which is the only local restaurant, a non emergency health clinic and a post office. None of which help when you have an injured animal. WhenContinue reading “My Chicken Kit – First Aid For The Birds”

A Hint At What Is To Come At Gillis Gardens.

  Mr Gillis can be seen here, clearing out lots of side and front yard pasture- Here is what this area looked like before – including a huge ground wasp/hornet/demon stinging insect that MrGillis said he thought was a rock at first. We didn’t get picture of it, we just killed it. And here isContinue reading “A Hint At What Is To Come At Gillis Gardens.”

Clearing the Pond- Part 1

MrGillis and I have been talking about cleaning up our pond system since we landed eyes on the property. It’s been overgrown like this for as long as MrGillis can remember, and the land had been in his family for generations. Well, happenstance worked in our favor yesterday. The local tractor dude, Mason, had hisContinue reading “Clearing the Pond- Part 1”

Launching Our New Site

So after much discussion and thought, MrGillis and I have decided to officially launch We will continue on with WordPress as I am comfortable with their format and the way that they run their show. I’m happy to be where I am, but we feel that it is time to become more recognizable onContinue reading “Launching Our New Site”

The Chicken Profiler-Black Australorps

For part three of my Chicken Profiler Series, I am going to talk about the Australorp. We had two of these black beauties in our original flock of 8, and we named them Astrid and Na (short for Not Astrid). Australorp chickens come in one recognized color in America,  black- but it is a deepContinue reading “The Chicken Profiler-Black Australorps”

Big Things Coming! 

So remember that blog I just posted a few days about all the stuff we have to accomplish before snow flies? And you know that last blog about not announcing big plans before having them right and tight? *(I will never learn) Ok, so I am not going to even lie- you are going to haveContinue reading “Big Things Coming! “

Counting Eggs Before They Hatch

Ok, so not literally. But I went and announced some news that I probably just should have kept under my hat. I will not be blogging for Bangor Daily News. Because this blog focuses on our business so heavily, it wouldn’t conform to their terms and conditions. While there is regret on both sides, itContinue reading “Counting Eggs Before They Hatch”

The Chicken Profiler – Buff Orpingtons

  Part two of my chicken profiler series is going to be focused on our Buff Orpingtons, Buffy and Dawn. These two were part of our original 8 bird flock, and from the start they set themselves apart as sweet, gentle, good-natured, albeit kinda of simple birds. Their first summer in the pen, Buffy distinguishedContinue reading “The Chicken Profiler – Buff Orpingtons”

Exciting News! 

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for 2 years- and the community here has given me the confidence to submit this blog to Bangor Daily News and their website.  AND THEY ACCEPTED IT!  I submitted this blog for review on Sunday and didn’t check our email until today because I have an overwhelming fear of rejectionContinue reading “Exciting News! “