Rooting Sweet Potato Slips

So, a few days ago I noticed a slip coming off one of our sweet potatoes- I immediately snapped it off at the base and put it in a mason jar with a small amount of water in it and placed it in the wonder window- aka our kitchen sink window which grows the best plants ever. Seriously, I always have fresh spring onions thanks to this window. 

These are the roots four days after putting the end in a bit of water and leaving it alone. 

Nature is continuely filling me with awe. 

So the plan now is to grow a sweet potato plant indoors over winter in the shed. Next spring, we’ll separate parts of the vine and try our hand at growing them outdoors. It won’t be our first (or even second) attempt- but I am excited nonetheless. I love garden experiments. 

So until next time, have a wicked good day! 

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  1. Beautiful! I love growing things people only think of as food

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    1. Thanks! They produce beautiful flowers given enough time.


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