Launching Our New Site

So after much discussion and thought, MrGillis and I have decided to officially launch

We will continue on with WordPress as I am comfortable with their format and the way that they run their show. I’m happy to be where I am, but we feel that it is time to become more recognizable on our own, as we, our farm and our life are our brand.

It also doesn’t hurt that we will be able to start monetizing this site in simple ways, like selling products thru their store system. So we’re very excited and wanted to share this with you folks out there.

For full disclosure, please visit our About page.

Stay tuned, more exciting news is on the way!

And until next time, have a wicked good day.




Published by gillisgardensllc

This is the official website for Gillis Gardens, LLC. Gillis Gardens is a farm, run by myself and my wonderful husband. We believe in biodiversity, organic growing methods and doing things ourselves. I knit, crochet, make jewelry and sew. MrGillis builds, doing everything from our plumbing to our mechanical to our renovations. We are both active members of our little community. We both take care of the plants and animals. He weeds, I harvest. He spreads manure, I plant. We raise multiple breeds of chickens for eggs and meat. We have a herd of Alpacas that we shear every year for their beautiful fiber, which we then have milled into ultra luxurious yarn. We make our own maple syrup, preserves and pickles. We raise bees for honey and herbs for medicine. We also raise pigs for meat and fun. We are the parents of two young children, and consider that our most important job. Follow our adventures here and also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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