Official Start of Our Farm

So we’ve been toying with Gillis Gardens for a few years now, and now it’s time to get serious. Our first step in making our farm a viable business was to utilize the internet- this was in several ways- 1- I started this blog, two years ago, to see if I had the fortitude doContinue reading “Official Start of Our Farm”

Selectmen’s Meeting – 092617

Wow, this meeting was a whirlwind of topics. I’ll try to cover it all, but I had to step out halfway thru to lock up the chickens and check on the alpacas. First, the meeting was supposed to be LAST (0919) Tuesday, but two of the three select persons were out of town. Hence, thisContinue reading “Selectmen’s Meeting – 092617”

Slow feed hay cage for livestock

Thursday afternoon I walked into a very messy barn housing some very happy looking alpacas.   This is a becoming an expensive mess. So being the DIY problem solver that I am, I made a quasi-slow feeder hay cage Saturday morning. The deal with it is simple. I took two pieces of similar sized weldedContinue reading “Slow feed hay cage for livestock”

MOFGA Common Ground Fair 2017

Our morning started before dawn – like 4 am before dawn. The excitement was in the air, the animals were taken care of and we were on the road for Unity Maine by 5:30. Then ten miles out of town we had to turn back because we realized we forgot the snack bag. No matter,Continue reading “MOFGA Common Ground Fair 2017”

My Favorite Alpaca References

Just like I did with My Favorite Chicken  References, its time to share my favorite places to go for information on our Alpacas. So far it’s just a list of websites- there are not a lot of well reviewed publications about raising alpacas unless you can shell out some serious dough. So for right now, I’llContinue reading “My Favorite Alpaca References”

A General Guide to Alpaca Care

If you haven’t read our insane, how we got alpacas story, you really should. It’s good background for this post.  A Complete Novice’s Guide to Alpaca Care: Meaning me, I am the novice. And I am here to share with you how I take care of our herd in a general every day basis. There areContinue reading “A General Guide to Alpaca Care”

The Chicken Profiler – Delawares

  Welcome to our latest installment of The Chicken Profiler Series – Today we’ll be talking about the Delaware! Ethel was one of three delaware female chicks, running around their box. They were all a week or so older then the other girls we were buying, and I felt bad that we couldn’t take allContinue reading “The Chicken Profiler – Delawares”

Meet Our Alpacas!

We have been spending the last few days getting to know our new family members and we thought it was time for some introductions. We’ll update with new pictures and personality factoids as we get them.  Our alpacas are Huayacas- this basically means that their fiber is soft, dense and has a crimp in it. Continue reading “Meet Our Alpacas!”

Halloween Fun in Danforth 2017

(This post has been edited as of 10/13/2017 to reflect the changes in the contest) For Halloween this year, a few of us citizens and the town manager have gotten together to organize some community fun. One group of ladies started a trunk or treat, which I had mentioned earlier in a Selectman’s Meeting Blog. AsContinue reading “Halloween Fun in Danforth 2017”