The Chicken Profiler – Amercuanas

Here is the fourth installment to our Chicken Profiler series.

So here is the dilly on this breed- these are Not Araucanas, which are Chilean chickens with ear tufts… these are Not Easter Eggers, which are the colored egg laying mutts of the chicken relm. (also, these are both beautiful breeds in the own rights… it’s just they aren’t what we are talking about today)

Amercuanas, sometimes misspelled as Americana, have several distinct characteristics – Fluffy beards and muffs, NO EAR TUFTS, blue colored eggs, grey legs that range from light to dark with white bottoms, and a classic tail and rump, unlike the rumpless Araucuana.

Hawk and Falcon were part of our original flock of eight, Matilda, Milk and Luna were part of our third set.

The Amercuana is a medium sized bird that weighs in from 5 – 8 pounds, with a pea comb and very small (or completely absent) waddles that if present are well hidden behind their cute little fluffy muffs… I mean, look at those faces.

They are supposedly prone to broodiness, but I have not had this experience with them.

The name comes from mashing American and Araucana together – For all my research I couldn’t find a clear path of genetic lineage other then the Araucana being breed with standard chickens to produce qualities that American chicken breeders wanted.

There are 8 different color variations recognized by the American Poultry Association, which recognized them as their own breed in the early 80s. Those colors are Blue, Brown/Red, Buff, Silver, Blue Wheaten, Wheaten, Black, White. They also have different variations of feather type- solid, laced and splash.

The history of this breed goes back a good while- and I really recommend a visit to the source pages I listed below, as they give a very detailed histories. It’s important to understand that the standard for this breed is really just a goal, as there are so many variations in the genetic material of these chickens.

Mostly, for myself, I enjoy the birds of this breed we’ve owned. They were bright eyed, intelligent, and pretty… tho they do see to be a little on the timid side.

Hawk and Falcon we lost in the bobcat attack in spring of 2017

Luna, Matilda and Milk still reside with us at Gillis Gardens.

Until next time, have a wicked good day.



The Ameraucana Alliance

Country Side Network


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