MOFGA Common Ground Fair 2017

Our morning started before dawn – like 4 am before dawn. The excitement was in the air, the animals were taken care of and we were on the road for Unity Maine by 5:30. Then ten miles out of town we had to turn back because we realized we forgot the snack bag.

No matter, we were on the road to Unity by 6am. We arrived somewhere around 8:30 ready for the day to really begin.

We met the Other Mr and Mrs Gillis of our generation at the south gate, kinda. Izzy and I were talking to the chooks in the hobbit holes while My MrGillis went and found them.

Then we proceeded to get lost in the crowd, as the temperatures soared to a blistering 90 degrees. I spoke to an Alpaca farmer about mineral supplements, we went to the livestock barns twice.

We bought beautiful smelling Trillium Soap, smudge sticks, lots of food, tea mix, lots of drinks, and our annual poster.

Izzy’s favorites included the Fed Co’s Bean buckets, the lady singing old english songs while we ate organic, locally sourced cheese pizza and the fiddle players.

It was such an amazing day- but by 1:30 we had all had enough of the crowds and sun, so we started the long hike back. Izzy was out by the time we got out of the parking lot.

Such a long day, as we didn’t get back to the old stead until 7pm- but we all agree it was completely worth it.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!

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