Selectmen’s Meeting – 092617

Wow, this meeting was a whirlwind of topics. I’ll try to cover it all, but I had to step out halfway thru to lock up the chickens and check on the alpacas.

First, the meeting was supposed to be LAST (0919) Tuesday, but two of the three select persons were out of town. Hence, this Tuesday became the meeting time.

MrGillis and I were the only towns people in attendance – next meeting is October 3rd (the usual Tuesday) at 6pm.

The meeting was opened with public comment – which was when I let them know how the door decorating contest is going (ehem, nowhere)  but, I hope October will bring more interest. This led to a short discussion about the Trunk or Treat.

One of the first topics brought up by a selectman was the loose gravel on some of the roads, and how it was particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. It was agreed by all that sweeping should be done, and quickly as we have a lot of people on the roads with all this beautiful weather.

A quick conversation was had about fall planters and decorations around town. Not all the planters will be switched out due to budget concerns.

The first BIG topic that came up was concerned citizens complaining about excessive noise, speeding, littering and general disrespect going on in town at all hours of the day and night. A few very good suggestions on how to curtail this type of activity were discussed and agreed upon- including asking the local businesses to put up no loitering signs.

The sprinkler system in the Town Hall is in need of inspection in order to get insurance. The inspection is good for five years, and we’ve been told that the cost/benefit is in favor of having it done. Also, it is just a good idea to maintain systems like that in older buildings that we want to preserve.

Roads and budget were discussed – Overall, salt for this year was cheaper then expected. We need more patch, but a small load will get us by for this season. One of our selectmen offered to go pick it up to save on shipping. The town ended up with 1.2 miles of road paved at the end of the project this last week. Everyone seems pleased with the outcome. It was noted by the town manager that a lot of locals have been donating time, materials and equipment to help get things done around here.

Next on the agenda was the local playground. There is a bit of controversy surrounding it (to much to really get into on here), and the idea has been put forth to create a volunteer initiative to move the playground equipment away from the river and to a different town owned lot in between the Fire Station and the American Legion. Now this wouldn’t be done until next spring, because it is a large undertaking for sure, but it seems like the best idea in order to solve all the problems discussed.

(sick of reading yet? because the meeting lasted until 8pm almost, there is still more.)

Community Events were brought to the table- specifically starting up Bingo nights, or game nights a couple times a month as something to do. Christmas was also talked about, and there are a lot of really fun sounding events being planned for the middle of December- a tree lighting ceremony, light parade, Santa coming out to see the kids, carol singing, a bonfire. The logistics of all these events were also worked out and it’s looking like a festive holiday season this year!

The last big deal of the night was TAXES (duh duh duuuuuh) – The tax assessor has been around and done his job (I actually spoke to him the day he was in town, nice guy, very knowledgeable). The taxes should be sent out this coming week. Lots of people qualified for the homestead exemption, and we even had a couple veterans qualify for the VA exemption. Tax liens, tax acquired properties and payment plans were also discussed and decided upon.

Finally, talk of the code enforcement officer coming to town and checking on some problem properties was thrown around – and then the town bell rang 20 minutes off and everyone started complaining about that.

So that’s about all I have on that.

Until next time, have a wicked good day.



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