Weekend Warriors- 3rd week of October

We have been enjoying a rather extraordinary fall this year –   And because of all this beautiful weather, we’ve really been getting a lot done. And this weekend was no different. We’ve been working on getting this new addition hooked up to the shed for months, but thankfully, my dad was able to comeContinue reading “Weekend Warriors- 3rd week of October”

Thunder Bun – and everything else that happened this weekend

This was a pretty crazy, jam packed weekend on the Gillis homestead. Saturday dawned and we spent the majority of the morning doing household chores. I hung with Izzy while conquering the laundry and weekly cleaning tasks, while MrGillis finished the second alpaca paddock( more on that in another blog). Then, Izzy got restless, soContinue reading “Thunder Bun – and everything else that happened this weekend”

Hat Organization

I have an absolute love affair with hats. I don’t believe in wearing them indoors, and honestly, I don’t even wear them a lot- mostly gardening. But I like to have selection. I also like to just look at them. They can be quite inspirational when sewing. Some of them have been parts of costumes,Continue reading “Hat Organization”

Selectmen’s Meeting 10.03.17

Sorry that this is so late – we’ve had an extremely busy week here at Gillis Gardens, and I’m just now able to sit and reread thru our notes for this last meeting. Quick-ish meeting this last Tuesday, but as always, a lot was covered. So here we go- Tax exemptions were signed by theContinue reading “Selectmen’s Meeting 10.03.17”