Hat Organization

I have an absolute love affair with hats. I don’t believe in wearing them indoors, and honestly, I don’t even wear them a lot- mostly gardening. But I like to have selection.

I also like to just look at them. They can be quite inspirational when sewing.


Some of them have been parts of costumes, some of them were given to me. Some of them are relatively new, and some are older then my relationship with MrGillis.

This collection has mutated over the years – there used to be a whole boatload of trucker caps, a captains hat, more newsboys, a fuzzy white fedora… I’ve donated a lot of really cool hats over the years.

So, seriously, this is so easy. I take a 5 lb (hats are surprisingly heavy duty) command hooks and slap those suckers up. Then I put my “hangable” hats up. I have a whole other collection of floppy winter hats.

Ta-friggen-da folks – I really love how this looks and I’m happy with my functional decorative efforts. This place is really coming together a year after moving in…

Until next time, have a wicked good day.

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