Strawberry Fields – Fall Update

(For a quick reminder on how we started our strawberry growing adventures read this and this)

So, we suck at weeding-


But look at all these beautiful healthy plants! And runners!


Now, after some more research, I have discovered that we want to harden off our plants for our climate by letting them experience a couple good frosts.

So we get to continue to be a little lazy and not cover them with straw for a little while longer. Honestly, we’re looking at just mowing everything down for this winter and calling it for the season.

Part of me wants to weed them out, place all the runners in nice neat rows and do the whole shebang. But time is of the essence. And we are running low on it – hard to believe but November is HERE. Soon, this will all be covered in snow.

And if you think this is crazy- well, wait til next spring. We’ll show you crazy.


Like filling this whole field with strawberries next spring.

Until next time have a wicked good day!

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