Joining the Alpacas Owner’s Association

The Alpaca’s Owners Association (AOA) is a national registry to help alpaca owners navigate the industry, for both the best of the owners and the animals.

There are three tiers of membership, Alpaca Owner, Registry Member and Association Member. There are quite a few differences between the three tiers, and if you’re interested in those differences I recommend a visit to their wonderful website.

For today’s post, I’m going to be talking about the Alpaca Owner membership, which is Free.

They allow all alpaca owners to sign up for a free membership and account to facilitate transfers, register new alpacas and help manage your herds information online in one easy to go to source. There are really a lot more resources, I just haven’t had the time to fully explore the website.

First I had to sign up for a the membership, then I had to open an account for our farm. The account had to be approved, which they said would take 3-5 business days.

I did not read the instructions, and accidentally set up two accounts. Oops. Sorry AOA.

To be honest, the set up took almost two weeks, but I figure, eh it’s a free account.

Now that we are members, we can register our alpacas, use their site to keep record of different events in the alpacas lives like breeding and shots, and keep in contact with other farmers for things like sales.

We’re pretty excited, but it does cost money to register each alpaca, so we probably won’t bother registering the two gelded makes as they can’t add to any genetic pool of any kind.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!


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This is the official website for Gillis Gardens, LLC. Gillis Gardens is a farm, run by myself and my wonderful husband. We believe in biodiversity, organic growing methods and doing things ourselves. I knit, crochet, make jewelry and sew. MrGillis builds, doing everything from our plumbing to our mechanical to our renovations. We are both active members of our little community. We both take care of the plants and animals. He weeds, I harvest. He spreads manure, I plant. We raise multiple breeds of chickens for eggs and meat. We have a herd of Alpacas that we shear every year for their beautiful fiber, which we then have milled into ultra luxurious yarn. We make our own maple syrup, preserves and pickles. We raise bees for honey and herbs for medicine. We also raise pigs for meat and fun. We are the parents of two young children, and consider that our most important job. Follow our adventures here and also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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