Christmas Craftiness – Homemade Garland

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE holidays. Enough to sit down and write a whole blog about christmas music.  enough to sit down for hours and make homemade decorations for the big family gathering christmas tree. including: Cinnamon Dough ornaments Snowflakes Paper Chain Garland   and this monstorsity Yup. Mr Gillis and I spent twoContinue reading “Christmas Craftiness – Homemade Garland”

Weekend Warriors – First half of December 2017

It seems like the holiday season is in full swing around here- which leaves me very little time for writing at the moment. We’ve decorated the Gillis Fuel office for the town’s contest. We got our tree and decorated the homestead for our own pleasure. MrGillis and I are planning the big family gathering andContinue reading “Weekend Warriors – First half of December 2017”

Just for Fun – Favorite Christmas Tunes

Okay, I am a holiday Fanatic. But I mean All Holiday in All the right times- I come down very hard against things like “christmas in july” Having said that IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME! So let us celebrate with some seriously awesome Christmas tunes. Feel Free to add to my list in the comments, IContinue reading “Just for Fun – Favorite Christmas Tunes”