Just for Fun – Favorite Christmas Tunes

Okay, I am a holiday Fanatic. But I mean All Holiday in All the right times- I come down very hard against things like “christmas in july”

Having said that IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME! So let us celebrate with some seriously awesome Christmas tunes. Feel Free to add to my list in the comments, I really love pretty much all holiday music.

    1. Last Christmas – Wham! – ok seriously this is a pop Christmas classic, and I don’t understand anyone that doesn’t love this song 
    2. White Christmas – The Drifters.- Classic. 
    3. Winter Wonderland – Dean Martin – another classic. 
      4. Jingle Bell Rock – Brian Setzer Orchestra – such a great bouncy version of this song 


    5. Silent Night – Wilson Philips – omg I’ve loved this version of this song since I was a kid, leavemealone 
    6. Please come home for Christmas – The Eagles Or Bon Jovi – either version is fine with me. 
    7. Run Rudolph, Run  – Bryan Adams – another 90’s staple, I love how energetic this song is. 
    8. Carol of the Bells, The Vocal Majority – everyone knows this one and sings along in the best/worst falsettos, but it is totally understood- it deserves that kind of adoration. 
    9. Home for the holidays – The Carpenters – this woman was stolen from us far to early and I regularly groove to The Carpenters mellow magic. 
    10. I wish everyday could be like Christmas – Bon Jovi (I really love Christmas rock, mmmkay?) 
    11. Santa Claus is coming to town – Bing Crosby – very dance-y vintage holiday tune. love Bing’s voice in almost everything he does. 
    12. The First Noel – Johnny Mathis – his voice is beautiful in this song, but really its the background vocalists that just KILL it. 
    13. O Little Town of Bethlehem – Nat King Cole 
    14. The Christmas Song (chestnuts roasting ) – Perry Como 
    15. Sleigh Ride – Cincinnati Pops Orchestra 
      16. Baby its cold outside – Idina Menzel and Michael Buble  (i know a lot of people hate this song,

but i agree with this honestly

    17. Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson 
    18. Santa Tell me – Ariana Grande – this woman’s voice! Such a bop of the ages. 
    19. This girl singing this Mariah Carey song is my hero.
    20. Christmas All Over Again – Tom Petty & The Hearbreakers 


I could literally keep going forever, but I have other stuff to do, for real.

Have a beautiful holiday season, and until next time, a wicked good day!




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2 thoughts on “Just for Fun – Favorite Christmas Tunes

  1. If you wanna dig deep, there are several beautiful carols that have been Christianized from pagan origins that are wonderful. My favorite is This Endris Night. But wassailing songs are in general some of my favorties! 🙂 Most people haven’t heard most of these… But they’re a very old part of the season! We wish you a merry Christmas is a wassailing song. 🙂

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