Weekend Warriors – First half of December 2017

It seems like the holiday season is in full swing around here- which leaves me very little time for writing at the moment.

We’ve decorated the Gillis Fuel office for the town’s contest. We got our tree and decorated the homestead for our own pleasure. MrGillis and I are planning the big family gathering and his uncle is letting us throw it in his big common room again. His cousin, another MrGillis, is helping him go get a big old tree this weekend for the celebration.

We tried to take part in the town’s first light parade, but kept blowing the fuse for our power source. It was beautiful tho and I’m glad we got to watch it. The whole night was great- Izzy met Santa, the town tree was lit, there was a very well attended bonfire.

We have also finished our big prewinter cleanup, put a real door on the greenhouse addition, got the alpaca addition up, and wired everything all for electricity so they and the chickens can have water.

Thunder bun is refusing to use his heated sippy water fountain so I have to go check him and bust the ice out of his dish every few hours. Winter in Maine is many things. Cold is at the top of the list.

We started working on a big plow gate, but the snow got to us before we could get it up. All things considering, I feel like we haven’t done to shabbily on getting our to do list taken care of.


Now we are concentrating on the holiday season, time with family and friends, and making lots of long lasting memories.

So, until next time, have a wicked good day!

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  1. Beautiful photos and story. I bet it is super pretty when the snow is everywhere.


    1. it is! we really love our little slice of maine.


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