Weekend Warriors- The Month Of March

Its been a fairly crazy month here on the Gillis Homestead-

We’ve been boiling down sap into syrup all month. But the temps are rising and with rain in the forecast instead of snow (FINALLYTHANKGOD) its probably coming towards  a swift end. We’re happy with the amount we’ve produced tho. Even tho we lost at least 3 gallons and an entire pot to over boiling. Watch your sap people-

If you have any tips on how to save this pot, feel free- MrGillis spent upwards of 4 hours using vinegar, then barkeepers aid, then steel pads, the list goes on….. we’ve officially run out of ideas and would hate to actually have to throw it away.



Also we’ve been steadily chipping away at the work left in the shed kitchen. The plumbing for the bathroom and kitchen are all set underneath the floor, so now its only hooking in the sinks and toilet. The electrical is all done, the walls are almost all done- we were a sheet short to finish.



We also took a day to take our alpaca fiber to Aroostook Fiberworks in Ashland so that they could process it into yarn for us. More about that in a completely different blog, because wow, what a process.

AND we made a whole bunch of spicy pickled eggs because I was sick of seeing a whole fridge full of month old eggs. There is probably about 100 eggs sitting there getting all flavorful. img_3474

Also, because we’ve announced it to everyone else in our lives, I guess it’s time to drop the big news here as well.

We are expecting a new addition to the Gillis family- set to arrive sometime in October of this year. We’re very excited, nervous, tired (mostly me) and know its going to go by really fast. So that’s why I haven’t been blogging as much as I normally do- I’ve been pretty well napping/reading the first trimester away when possible. We’ve heard the heartbeat twice now, and seen little baby Gillis on the sonogram machine- everything is going as well we could possibly hope. So, I apologize if I just don’t have the time or mental energy to keep updating as much as I normally do. Just know we love our wordpress community and haven’t forgotten about you!

Until next time, have a wicked good day!


Published by gillisgardensllc

This is the official website for Gillis Gardens, LLC. Gillis Gardens is a farm, run by myself and my wonderful husband. We believe in biodiversity, organic growing methods and doing things ourselves. I knit, crochet, make jewelry and sew. MrGillis builds, doing everything from our plumbing to our mechanical to our renovations. We are both active members of our little community. We both take care of the plants and animals. He weeds, I harvest. He spreads manure, I plant. We raise multiple breeds of chickens for eggs and meat. We have a herd of Alpacas that we shear every year for their beautiful fiber, which we then have milled into ultra luxurious yarn. We make our own maple syrup, preserves and pickles. We raise bees for honey and herbs for medicine. We also raise pigs for meat and fun. We are the parents of two young children, and consider that our most important job. Follow our adventures here and also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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