Growing Garlic – Take 2

We’ve tried this once before– with clearance bin garlic bulbs… and it did not work. We never got a single bit of real growth, which I knew was a very good probability. So this time, we’re going about it completely differently.

First- we did set up the patch in the same way, lots of alpaca pooh tilled in and let to rest for a few weeks. But the spot was different. We chose a slight incline closer to the shed.


Second- we are planting in the fall this time, mulching the area with spent hay from the alpacas kicking it around their barn.

Third- we are using all organic bulbs fresh from the grocer. We don’t have any idea what type they are, but that is less important to us then the fact that they aren’t dead, practically dust and therefore a waste of time to plant.


So MrGillis tilled in the alpaca pooh, and in rows about 18″ apart, he placed the bulbs about 6 inches apart, about 2 inches into the amended soil.

He then covered the bulbs with dirt and covered the dirt with about 6 inches of old hay from the alpaca barn. He did this the first weekend of October on a beautifully clear and warm day.

Here is what the end product of planting looks like-


So now we wait until spring to see if we actually got the bulbs in the ground at the right time. They should have enough time to grow some root stock, but not enough time to actually GROW which is what we want for a successful harvest next summer.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!




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