Product Review: Addi Express Knitting Machines

So, for those of you who don’t know, we produce high quality alpaca fiber. We then send it to a mill to have it processed into beautiful yarns.

I’ve also been known to crochet and loom knit quite a bit- I’ve been making hats, scarves and blankets for years. It’s part of the reason we got into Alpacas, with the idea that we could eventually sell alpaca yarn and things made with that yarn.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and a random Facebook post that led me down a rabbit hole of discovery. Of course when you think about how knit fabrics are made you know it’s with a machine- I mean of course it is. But I NEVER dreamed you could actually buy those machines for at home use.

Guys- I am here to introduce you to


Ok, so technically it’s two different sized knitting machines- but you guys. The possibilities are only as limited as the mind will take them.

The Addi Express King Size is a 46 needle knitting loom machine with row counter. It is ideal for adult hats (either with two panels or a traditional on the round), large panels for blankets and sweaters, medium and large bags, large scarves, etc.

The Addi Express Professional is a 22 needle knitting loom machine. It is good for small to medium panels, small to medium hats, socks, thin scarves, etc.

Both machines come with legs, braces, extra needles, an automatic row counter, yarn needle, and a yarn guide.

We bought the I Want It All- Mega Pro Kit on Amazon for $330. This kit included everything listed above and also three pattern books, 2 instruction manuals, 1 express hook and 2 stoppers. The books themselves cost almost a hundred dollars.

We ordered the kit on January 5th and received everything in one box on the 27th. It came all the way from Germany and arrived in excellent condition. Everything was new, packaged well and very easy get to. The only thing I had to assemble was putting the legs on both machines.

I watched a video in Pinterest about casting on and switching colors and went to work.

I did this, including the cast on, in 12 minutes! TWELVE FREAKIN MINUTES.

And part of that was one handed because The other hand was holding our fussy and sick 15 week old son.

This yarn was Red Heart Beloved Wool that I got on super sale at Mardens. It glided thru beautifully with no dropped stitches. This was literally my first go at the machine and I was already ADDIcted.

My color changes do need some work, but I am very happy with these tests. And switching colors led to the only instance of skipped stitches I found, which was totally my fault honestly.

This is a four ply sport that is from our alpacas. The Addi handled is very well with no skipped stitches.

This purple is a Lion Brand Super Bulky Acrylic. This king size Addi handles them all with varying degrees of ease. The super bulky Lion Brand needs a very slow, steady cranking, but I still did the cast on and 23 rows in 7 minutes. The stitches are also, not quite so neat and tidy. But I’m very impressed nonetheless.

I’ve made and frogged 5 tubes of different yarns, changing colors and cranking like a maniac. I am having a bit of trouble with the cast off, but I’m sure I’ll get it soon. I am so far very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of these machines.

There you have it- the cost is a bit prohibitive to most budgets, but I promise you, these machines will pay for themselves in pure crank out value. Also, this is not a paid post. I don’t ever receive any compensation for any product reviews. I just am so friggen amazed that I have to share.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!


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