Product Review: A Whole Bunch Of Baby Stuff

We are officially knee and elbow deep into being parents of two kiddos! And along the way we have amassed a truly amazing amount of stuff.

Some things that we swore by with Izzy, we haven’t touched with Issac. And with the arrival of our second baby, we also tried new products that we didn’t with our first.

All of these are genuine recommendations based on personal experience and are in no way paid advertisements.

(Although if any of these companies want to talk, I’m here.)

    Nose Frida – this one I cannot stress enough. No matter how gross you think it is to suck snot out of an infant (or toddlers) nose, it’s much grosser to cut open a old school snot sucker that can’t be properly cleaned. This device is designed by a doctor, easy to clean, and amazingly effective. Trust me, after the first major nose plug is cleared by the Frida, you’ll wonder why you ever questioned the process. We do buy the filters in bulk from a generic company on amazon.
    Shea Moisture Baby Calm Setbecause we cloth diaper, we need a special diaper cream that doesn’t contain zinc or petroleum. The diaper ointment that comes in this set is magic, plain and simple. And it’s cloth diaper safe! Also, the shampoo and body lotion are wonderful at their respective jobs. The scent is lovely to me, clean, light and relaxing. Perfect for little babies and toddlers. The only downside is, other then the first time I found in a Walmart clearance aisle, it is only available sometimes and usually online.
    Cloth Diapers– I will never understand why people are so hesitant to use cloth diapers. They’ve come a long way since our grandparent’s days, and when a baby has a dreaded (and all to often blowout) you have to launder the poop out of the clothes, and whatever else the kid hits. They do add about a load of laundry every other day, but you will save literally hundreds of dollars or even more! We spent about $300 on our stash and are now using them on our second child. But I have a whole blog about why we cloth.
    Sensory Toys– these are anything from crinkle books, or wrist rattles or even the next item on my list
    Tummy Time Mirror– these are so simple, and yet so amazing for tummy time. And tummy time is essential, making this pretty essential as well. Babies love to look at themselves. Babies are super cute when doing things they love. Get them the mirror. Which brings me to my next recommendation.
    Play Mat– play mats are great for tummy time; being colorful and patterned helps catch the kids eyes.
    First aid kit– and no I’m not talking about a pre-essembelled one that comes in a tiny bag with a bunch of stuff you’ll never use- although that is better then nothing. This will be detailed in a different blog.
    Baby carrier – whatever brand or type you decide to go just be sure to do your due diligence in researching the proper way to wear your baby, PLEASE.
    Shutterfly app– I know this one seems silly, but no I am very serious. On the iPhone Shutterfly app, you get great deals that change all the time. But most importantly, you get unlimited free 4×4 or 4×6 photos. You just pay shipping and handling, which works out to 14 or cents per photos instead of 20 cents like as Walmart. And what’s the point of all those cute photos if not to be printed out and put on display? Side note, get used to taking your photos with your phone sideways again if you want them to fit in photo albums.
    White noise machine– your baby is used to floating around inside a bunch of amniotic fluid. This creates a hushed environment that a white noise machine can help to recreate if your little one is having trouble sleeping. We didn’t have one with izzy and I regret it.
    Swaddle– whether by blanket or sleeping bag or suit, swaddle that kiddo for as long as possible. We used regular blankets until our kiddos started rolling back to tummy around 4 months. Then we switched to these “sleeveless sleeping bags” – They are pretty amazing. But no two kids are the same when it comes to sleep.

If any other parents out there feel like I’m forgetting or overlooking something, comment below!

Until next time, have a wicked good day.


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