My Homestead: Why We Are Discussing Ducks

We have been toying with the possibly of ducks joining our homestead- it’s always been a thing we briefly talk about, every year standing over the little quackers in the farm stores.

This year the discussion has been popping up more frequently with us leaning more and more towards yes.

Here are my reasons why

1. Have you seen ducklings?– No seriously-

That was literally one swipe down on a google search. So adorable.

2. Pest control in the garden– because of their super cute webbed feet, they don’t scratch up like chickens do.. and because they have a bill instead of a beak they don’t tear things up like chickens. So people use them for slug and snail control- bonus for us alpaca owners! Check out these cuties doing the farmers in Japan a solid by eating up their buggies…

3. A new type of food – duck eggs are considered superior for baking in a lot of cultures- duck meat and fat are also preferred in a lot of cultures. So three new foods to eat. (I know, I was just talking about how cute, but it is a Farm after all)

4. Friendly

one of the cutest things MrGillis and I have ever seen was a new duck being immediately accepted into a group of ducks. They literally swam to each other and after like two quacks acted like lifelong friends. This is just how ducks are. I’m going to get them to imprint on me and have little duckie best friends for life.

5. The Quacking

I am a straight up sucker for farm noises- if I need a calming moment, I go to the barn and listen to everyone talking to each other. I believe quacking would fit in quite well with out barnyard symphony.

6. The adults are pretty neat to look at too

In conclusion:

Yes- Give me all the ducks now!

But really, I think we’ll wait until next year. We already have a lot on our plate right now, and I think MrGillis might make me live with the animals if I give him another house to build this summer….

Anyone else thinking about ducks?

Do you have ducks already and want to chime in?

Until next time, have a wicked good day!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I am so excited today. I am about, I hope, to adopt a Peking Drake called Huff. He is too amorous with the girls and even chickens so he needs a new home. Like you I really want a close friend too. My Tolouse are wonderful but too big now to hug easily but a big duck should be perfect.

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    1. It’s pretty much the reason I own a farm, is to cuddle the animals. Best of luck with your new duckie friend!


      1. Thanks. Husband slaving away building a new run for him while I am..err…drinking tea! Lol. Better get out and issue instructions.

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