How to: Discourage Your Rhubarb From Bolting

Early one morning over this last weekend, MrGillis looked at me and said those dreaded words- our rhubarb is bolting.

Lo and behold- although this doesn’t affect the quality of the rhubarb stalks, it will diminish the quantity of harvestable stalks we get.

This is partially because of the variety we planted (heirloom Victoria) and the rainy, wet, cold (ie stressful) spring we’ve had.

So, get yourself a sharp knife (I go with a pairing knife in these situations) and cut the stalk down under the flower.

We caught this flower pretty early, so there wasn’t much of a stalk. I did cut it at an angle, but I don’t really think that matters.

But, upon doing my farm chores this morning, I discovered all 4 of our plants had started to bolt. So away I went with my knife again.

This is not a foolproof method- that’s why I called it “discouraging” instead of “preventing”.

Now, I’ve heard of people eating these (eh, no thanks) and I’ve seen flower arrangements with them inside. I guess they last a long time in water. I just chucked ours in the compost.

Also, if it’s too late to stop, enjoy the show the flower gives and then after it dies back, divide and replant for more plants next spring.

Until next time, have a good day!

For more about growing Rhubarb go here!

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