Alpaca Shearing 2019

Just a quick photo blog- I wanted to show everyone how awesome Mariacher’s Shearing Services were.

Here are some before of some very fluffy but miserable alpaca beasts… they’ve been being very naughty with their water buckets the last few days to try and beat the humidity.

They arrived after supper around 5:30. They were done and on the road before 8. Truly amazing the work these guys do.

This is during and after- defluffed, teeth taken care of, nails trimmed, shots given….

But oh wait.

We discovered the mass on Maddie’s stomach has gotten very large over the winter.

So off the vet she goes on the 19th to have it drained and tested. Here’s hoping for a relatively painless recovery for her, because our wallets are going to feel it.

Wish us luck, this is only our second time transporting alpacas.

So this is this year’s haul- all the blankets were bagged individually, and then the seconds and thirds were just kind of tossed in all together. This puts us at about 20 totes of fiber between two seasons.

Until next time, have a wicked good day.

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