Alpaca First Aid Kit

As I’ve discussed in previous posts- I keep extensive supplies on hand as we live in a very rural area.

Part of that is a lot of first aid stuff – for general maintenance and emergency situations.

I’ve also done blogs for chicken and people first aid kits- but in this post I will be showing you my alpaca kit.

A good sized travel tool box is my ideal kit.

So- the first thing to understand about alpaca care is that there are very few medicines designed specifically with alpacas (&llamas) in mind. For the most part we have to use cattle and equine medicines and adjust the dosage to size.

Secondly- I am NOT a vet- I just read a lot of different manuals, both printed and online and I also asked my alpacas vet what he would keep on hand.

Onto the nitty gritty-

1. Zinc bolts for in the water buckets – this is the most effective way to treat a zinc deficiency.

2. Nail clippers- a good pair too. You’ll be using them a lot. Some of my alpacas need those nails done every couple months.

3. Thermometer- large one for taking rectal temperature.

4. Needles – I like these from Jeffers Pet Supply. I get a lot of my supplies from them actually.

5. Supplemental Vitamin AED – injectable

6. Injectable ivermectin- I’ve used generic brands with great success in the past as well.

7. A starter course of paste wormer like panacur or equimax – when you see tape worm castings in the poop pile, you want to be able to dose ASAP. Not the next time you can make the 2 hour round trip. It’s important to note you do need to go get the follow up course of meds to give them 2 weeks later.

8. Marker – gotta be able to grab the right needle for the right alpaca. We write their names on their doses before we go out to give them. Easy peasy.

9. Front line spray – for mite treatmeant

10. Nu-Stock – for other skin conditions and this stuff is so good. I had a couple alpacas come down with different symptoms of skin problems and this shit is AMAZING – one or two applications and boom- healing.

11. Alpaca/llama nutri drench – electrolytes for camelids

12. Lemon lime Gatorade – also electrolytes for camelids and they actually enjoy this one. I give it to them diluted in warm water- like 4 Oz to 1/2 gallon. They slurp it right up.

13. Gauze and vet wrap for open wounds – include some neosporin as well.

14. Toxiban- this is for accidental poisonings.

This is my basic kit- if anyone has anything else they’d like to add, feel free to in the comments!

Until next time- have a wicked good day!


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