Homestead How To: Emergency Lights for Power Outages

We’re pretty lucky to live in an area with a stable grid. It’s very rare for us to lose power, and the longest we’ve been without it has been 6 hours or so. No biggie for seasoned pros like myself- but pure torture for my kids, trust me.

Now, we do have a generator for long term power outages, and I really recommend that people who can afford to, have one also. But, no one I know, pulls out the generator for a couple hours.

So to be prepared for short outages we have a few different things laying around the house.

First – we have a our flashlight drawer- in here we have multiple types of flashlights and lanterns. Some band new in package still because my kids are rough on rigging and I believe in backups. Conveniently enough, this drawer is directly above the battery and charger cord drawer.

Lots of variety

Next we have our collection of kerosene lanterns and candles- these are more for aesthetic but they all function and are pretty. They’ve come to us from yard sales and big box store clearance aisles.

We also have the stick to your wall, flip switch emergency lights in a couple places- like our bathroom. We placed them up high and shining into mirrors to get the most out of them. We got these ones on Amazon years ago.

We stick them to the walls with the command strips and they haven’t budged in the entire 5 years we’ve had them, except to show the kids that they had batteries.

And finally we have – glow sticks! They’re fun for the kids. They don’t work so well for day time outages, but for winter time when it’s dark at 4, these are a hit with the youngins.

The eventual goal is to be completely off the grid with our electric needs- but That’s a whole ‘nother blog.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!


Published by gillisgardensllc

This is the official website for Gillis Gardens, LLC. Gillis Gardens is a farm, run by myself and my wonderful husband. We believe in biodiversity, organic growing methods and doing things ourselves. I knit, crochet, make jewelry and sew. MrGillis builds, doing everything from our plumbing to our mechanical to our renovations. We are both active members of our little community. We both take care of the plants and animals. He weeds, I harvest. He spreads manure, I plant. We raise multiple breeds of chickens for eggs and meat. We have a herd of Alpacas that we shear every year for their beautiful fiber, which we then have milled into ultra luxurious yarn. We make our own maple syrup, preserves and pickles. We raise bees for honey and herbs for medicine. We also raise pigs for meat and fun. We are the parents of two young children, and consider that our most important job. Follow our adventures here and also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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