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Gillis Gardens, LLC is a small homestead located in Danforth, Maine, run by the Gillis Family.

We specialize in locally raised produce & eggs, yarn, handcrafted items and homemade goodies. We’ve also been known to find vintage treasures from time to time.

Our farm features a gaggle of laying hens, a herd of adopted alpacas, and a rooster named George.

We also raise pigs and meat chickens every year.

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Gillis Gardens is a business, and as a business we make a small amount of money from this website in a variety of ways- advertisement, product sales and ethical endorsements. We would never endorse or sell a product we did not stand behind and trust completely. All opinions are our own. IF we post an affiliate link, we will never do so without express notification, and you will not be charged extra for the product by clicking on link.

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