Gillis Gardens, LLC is my husband and I’s dream of  a farm and goods business. We have a gaggle of laying hens, 13 alpacas, two kitties and we are renovating part of an old farm- at the same time as holding full time jobs and being first time parents.

There is a lot of work ahead of us, as the majority of the land is covered in woods, and the area cleared is super sandy, but we are so excited for the challenge!

We look forward to adding honey bees, dairy goats and much more to our family. This blog is here for me to chronicle our journey, so one week I may write about chickens, the next may be a recipe we enjoyed that past week. We’ll cover everything from preserving to composting to growing carrots to pest control that works with nature, instead of against it. Sometimes, things might get silly, or sad, or weird, but that’s life. And that’s what I know to write about.

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This website, and the information within are meant for entertainment purposes only. While I do my best to provide you, the reader, with accurate information, the advice I give is not to be confused with medical or professional advice, what so ever. Any reliance you place on my advice, is at your own risk.
Copyright –
All photos and text (ie content) on this website are original content, unless otherwise noted. Articles should not be shared in their entirety without permission and credit. Gillis Gardens grants non-exclusive use of a summary or short excerpt from an article, with a link and attribution back to the original post. 
Gillis Gardens is a business, and as a business we make a small amount of money from this website in a variety of ways- advertisement, product sales and ethical endorsements. We would never endorse or sell a product we did not stand behind and trust completely. All opinions are our own. IF we post an affiliate link, we will never do so without express notification, and you will not be charged extra for the product by clicking on link.



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