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Chicken Stories-

Feathers everywhere

Having animals is never easy on the tender hearted

Lucy, and how she became our pirate lady

Exciting news on the homestead! 

When Mail Order Chicks Go Wrong

On the Topic of Mail Order Chicks

The chicks are here!


Chicken Keeping –

Tips for Cold Weather Hens

Getting Ready for Chicks

My Favorite Chicken  References



The Aftermath- how we are making our chickens safe again.

Chicken Care 101- Spring Cleaning

How to raise friendly chickens

Scrambled & Herbed Eggs for Molting Chickens

Protecting your Chickens from Heat Stress



The Chicken Profiler Series-

The Chicken Profiler- Silver Laced Wyandottes.

The Chicken Profiler – Buff Orpingtons

The Chicken Profiler-Black Australorps

The Chicken Profiler – Amercuanas

The Chicken Profiler – Delawares

Raising Chickens For Meat –

Why We Are Raising Meat Chickens

How We Are Raising Our Meat Chicks – The First Two Weeks.

How We Are Raising Our Meat Chickens- After the Brooder and into the Tractor

The Cost of Raising Chickens For Meat

Raising Meat Chickens- Lessons Learned

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