Turning Fiber into Money

Part of our homestead dream is for our animals to basically pay for themselves. This has been a bit of a trial and error deal with the chickens (best money so far is in pickled eggs by far, but it is a time intensive and smelly process). With our herd of alpacas, we are hopingContinue reading “Turning Fiber into Money”

Open Farm Day – July 28th 2018

The last weekend of July, we’d like to invite you all to come visit our farm! On Saturday, July 28th from 8am to 6pm, come on down to Gillis Gardens off of Maple St in Danforth. This is the same weekend as the Annual Summerfest, so there is going to be a whole lot goingContinue reading “Open Farm Day – July 28th 2018”

Expanding our Alpaca Herd

Big news on the farm- We’ve adopted 6 new female alpacas! This last Sunday, we were fortunate enough to be able to borrow a livestock trailer from a local cow/turkey farmer and we took the long drive to Justa Alpaca Farm in Farmington Maine and picked them up. She was rehoming her entire herd, andContinue reading “Expanding our Alpaca Herd”

The Alpacas have been SHEARED

A big Thanks to the crew of Mariacher Shearing Service- they got to our place in the middle of no where, set up their stations, had our herd taken care of and were back on the road to the next job in less then 2 and a half hours. It was a whirlwind, an educationContinue reading “The Alpacas have been SHEARED”

Alpaca Nutrition- Approved Treats and Foods to Avoid

Really, the best diet for an alpaca consists of mostly hay, with some supplemental crushed grain/alpaca pellets, and a free choice bucket of Still Water Minerals, but who can resist giving treats… honestly? So here is a list of approved foods for alpacas- they’ll love you for it. It is important to note that treatsContinue reading “Alpaca Nutrition- Approved Treats and Foods to Avoid”

How to Build Alpaca Fencing

So really, MrGillis is the authority on this, but until he is willing to sit down and write a post himself, I guess I just have to explain it as best I can, myself. I decided to write this blog, because I am proud of our fencing. Like, really proud. We get complimented on it,Continue reading “How to Build Alpaca Fencing”

2018 Goals – So much to do and already a month in.

Happy February! It’s always been one of my traditions to sit down and write out what we’d like to accomplish, both personally and professionally for the incoming year. I’ve had my handmade list up since the beginning, but I am NOW just able to sit down and throw it on here. And as always, theContinue reading “2018 Goals – So much to do and already a month in.”

Weekend Warriors- End of 2017, Start of 2018.

(I realize its been over a month since I’ve published a blog. I have a ton of ideas and some actual works in progress, but we’ve been slammed busy for the last month.)   Can I get a big YEA for the HOLIDAYS?! (only about a month late, eh) Ok, so really, I am soContinue reading “Weekend Warriors- End of 2017, Start of 2018.”

Weekend Warriors – First half of December 2017

It seems like the holiday season is in full swing around here- which leaves me very little time for writing at the moment. We’ve decorated the Gillis Fuel office for the town’s contest. We got our tree and decorated the homestead for our own pleasure. MrGillis and I are planning the big family gathering andContinue reading “Weekend Warriors – First half of December 2017”