Emergency Preparedness: First Aid Kit

My head weighs a thousand pounds with all the doom I can conjure. My mom calls it “borrowing worry” and although I try not to, I’ve found the only way I can quiet the constant “but this” and “what if”, is to just be a good girl scout and be overly prepared. Plus, the wholeContinue reading “Emergency Preparedness: First Aid Kit”

Alpaca Nutrition- Approved Treats and Foods to Avoid

Really, the best diet for an alpaca consists of mostly hay, with some supplemental crushed grain/alpaca pellets, and a free choice bucket of Still Water Minerals, but who can resist giving treats… honestly? So here is a list of approved foods for alpacas- they’ll love you for it. It is important to note that treatsContinue reading “Alpaca Nutrition- Approved Treats and Foods to Avoid”

My Chicken Kit – First Aid For The Birds

We live in a pretty remote area. Its quicker to list the things we DO have, that’s how remote…. a bank, a grocery store, two gas stations, one of which is the only local restaurant, a non emergency health clinic and a post office. None of which help when you have an injured animal. WhenContinue reading “My Chicken Kit – First Aid For The Birds”

Lucy, and how she became our pirate lady

This is a horror story. Once lived 17 hens in a mostly peaceful existence. They scratched, they sunbathed, they dust bathed. It was a chickens life for sure. It was a calm, cool spring evening in mid June and a thump could be heard from inside the house. “What could that be?” Mr. Gillis thoughtContinue reading “Lucy, and how she became our pirate lady”

Having animals is never easy on the tender hearted

When you decide to go into any kind of animal husbandry with the intention of ethical, compassionate and care-oriented rearing of those animals, you know you’re going to get hurt. And probably a lot. Our first batch of chickens, we got 8- 4 pairs of different heirloom birds, kinda like a Gillis Chicken Ark. AsContinue reading “Having animals is never easy on the tender hearted”