Product Review: A Whole Bunch Of Baby Stuff

A breakdown of my favorite baby products, and some essentials to have around the house.

How To- Make Slime!

How To: Make Slime!
3 Simple Recipes and 5 Tips For Slime Making Success.

The weight and breadth of it

(Note: This is a blog I wrote over the course of losing our second pregnancy, and the year following, while I dealt with the emotional blowback. I am happy to say, that while forever changed, I am a strong, healthy person, with an excellent support system, and I have come out the other side, resilient…

A letter to our daughter on her first birthday

Dearest izzybug, What a year, my darling little girl.  As I look up at you, standing in the living room, giggling to yourself and playing with your toy box, I am overjoyed at your very existence. I, nor your father, have never done anything as amazing as raising you. And wowzas, has it been amazing. …

Long time, no blog. 

Last time I wrote, I was in the middle of Apple season. The baby was sleeping well so I had tons of energy. My husband was in one piece, so we were accomplishing lots. I was in a great mood, so life seemed like a long road of beautiful scenery for me to enjoy along…