Weekend Warriors- February 2018

holy. So the big shebang this WHOLE month has been about the shed project. Specifically the kitchen and 1/2 bathroom portion of the shed. Last time I updated, my dad, MrWard, and the hubby were pulling out all the old nasty insulation and fixing a very bad roof leak that had been causing water damageContinue reading “Weekend Warriors- February 2018”

2018 Goals – So much to do and already a month in.

Happy February! It’s always been one of my traditions to sit down and write out what we’d like to accomplish, both personally and professionally for the incoming year. I’ve had my handmade list up since the beginning, but I am NOW just able to sit down and throw it on here. And as always, theContinue reading “2018 Goals – So much to do and already a month in.”

Weekend Warriors- End of 2017, Start of 2018.

(I realize its been over a month since I’ve published a blog. I have a ton of ideas and some actual works in progress, but we’ve been slammed busy for the last month.)   Can I get a big YEA for the HOLIDAYS?! (only about a month late, eh) Ok, so really, I am soContinue reading “Weekend Warriors- End of 2017, Start of 2018.”

Weekend Warriors – Last of October 2017

Last we left off, we were working on our shed greenhouse addition. This last weekend, while Mr Gillis and My Dad worked on the addition, I worked on cleaning up the yard. The funny thing is, because so much of this thing is see thru material, it hardly even looks like anything at all. ButContinue reading “Weekend Warriors – Last of October 2017”

Weekend Warriors- 3rd week of October

We have been enjoying a rather extraordinary fall this year –   And because of all this beautiful weather, we’ve really been getting a lot done. And this weekend was no different. We’ve been working on getting this new addition hooked up to the shed for months, but thankfully, my dad was able to comeContinue reading “Weekend Warriors- 3rd week of October”

WHAT WE HAVE TO GET DONE THIS YEAR- and I mean before snow flies in November.

Seriously we have a lot. Garden harvest – ongoing and ever changing- probably don’t need much of anything as we already have lots of freezer space and canning stuff. Chicken coop and fence overhaul- redo inside of chicken coop, put nesting boxes lower and both roosting bars on non-window side with new dropping catcher boardContinue reading “WHAT WE HAVE TO GET DONE THIS YEAR- and I mean before snow flies in November.”

Weekly(ish) Update – End of July/Start of August 2017

Last I wrote about our DIY homesteading projects, we were cleaning up quite the mess that was left behind by the previous lands tenants. Since then, we’ve dragged (most of) that junk to the dump, burned a bunch of crap wood, cleared up to our line (almost) and spent most of our free time workingContinue reading “Weekly(ish) Update – End of July/Start of August 2017”

Weekend Warriors – Month of March/First Week of April.

(To catch up go here, here, here, and here) For the last month, I haven’t really been much of a help in the shed renovation. Since mrgillis and I got all the demolition done, our handyguy charlie and the hubby have been in charge while I’ve stayed nice and clean and out of it. IContinue reading “Weekend Warriors – Month of March/First Week of April.”