Long Story, Short

Located off of Maple Street in Danforth Maine

img_0922Our Journey started over a decade ago- sitting in our tiny rental, dreaming about self sufficiency. We watched documentaries, read magazines & books about homesteading.

We longed to leave the rat race of our  lives behind for a different path. We had a vision – a lifestyle that was a lot different from our night owl bartending ways. 

In 2010, we took the first step towards our homesteading future by quitting our jobs and  moving to MrGillis’s hometown of Danforth, Washington County, Maine. The first few months were an adjustment of epic proportions- all which transpired well before this blog ever came about.

We started our first seedlings in the south facing window of our new place, and had three garden spots on three properties, all borrowed from family members. We taught ourselves how to process the fruits of our labors. Invested in equipment and in ourselves.

In 2013, we took a large step and started raising our own chickens for eggs.
In 2014, we got married, bought a tiller, more chickens and the makings of a hoophouse.
In 2015, we welcomed to the world our first born and (you might have guessed) got more chickens.
In 2016, we moved onto our very own piece of land and settled in for the long haul, starting The Shed Project, along with many others.
In 2017, we added our first alpacas and our first forever plants. We also incorporated and became an actual business.
In 2018, we had our second child, added more alpacas & started raising our own meat chickens and pigs.
In 2019, we started selling the yarn and knitwear we produced from our herd’s fiber, and also seedlings and dirt out of our licensed plant nursery.  We also built and planted a couple dozen raised beds and expanded our forever food with asparagus. In 2020, we added a small sawmill, more raised beds, more permaculture with elderberries, blueberries.

Now, with a new decade in place, we are ready to bring our homestead to a whole new level.

And we are excited to invite you along – where ever that journey may take us. Thanks for joining!

Until next time, have a wicked good day.

May 2020

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