The Chicken Profiler-Black Australorps

For part three of my Chicken Profiler Series, I am going to talk about the Australorp. We had two of these black beauties in our original flock of 8, and we named them Astrid and Na (short for Not Astrid). Australorp chickens come in one recognized color in America,  black- but it is a deepContinue reading “The Chicken Profiler-Black Australorps”

The Chicken Profiler- Silver Laced Wyandottes.

This is part one in a rather long series- one I’ve been cooking up in my head for a few months. It’s well known by us chicken owners that all chickens have different personalities. They all have differing levels of intelligence, aggressiveness, hardiness, and sass. So in celebration of that, I decided to write upContinue reading “The Chicken Profiler- Silver Laced Wyandottes.”

The Great Chick Transition

So, the time has come- We have put the newest members of our flock outside, full time. In order to facilitate this in the least stressful manner, we have built them their own separate mini coop and divided the fence so the big girls can get used to them. MrGillis built this coop for underContinue reading “The Great Chick Transition”

Lucy, and how she became our pirate lady

This is a horror story. Once lived 17 hens in a mostly peaceful existence. They scratched, they sunbathed, they dust bathed. It was a chickens life for sure. It was a calm, cool spring evening in mid June and a thump could be heard from inside the house. “What could that be?” Mr. Gillis thoughtContinue reading “Lucy, and how she became our pirate lady”