Homestead Update: May 2019

The first week of May was beautiful- And busy, as always. We took our kids to the circus! This was also a trip to Presque Isle which was pretty fun. We haven’t been for a year, so we went to a few different places for shopping, ate some awful takeout, and got home in timeContinue reading “Homestead Update: May 2019”

What’s in a logo?

The first step in branding our small business

Danforth’s Halloween Decor Contest

As you may or may not know, Gillis Fuel sponsored the annual Halloween decoration contest again this year Without further ado- the winners for the business category ribbons are- In third place, Danforth’s very own Town Office In second place, the United States Post Office And coming in first place the Danforth Rehab on MapleContinue reading “Danforth’s Halloween Decor Contest”

Selectmen’s Meeting 10.03.17

Sorry that this is so late – we’ve had an extremely busy week here at Gillis Gardens, and I’m just now able to sit and reread thru our notes for this last meeting. Quick-ish meeting this last Tuesday, but as always, a lot was covered. So here we go- Tax exemptions were signed by theContinue reading “Selectmen’s Meeting 10.03.17”

Selectmen’s Meeting – 092617

Wow, this meeting was a whirlwind of topics. I’ll try to cover it all, but I had to step out halfway thru to lock up the chickens and check on the alpacas. First, the meeting was supposed to be LAST (0919) Tuesday, but two of the three select persons were out of town. Hence, thisContinue reading “Selectmen’s Meeting – 092617”

Halloween Fun in Danforth 2017

(This post has been edited as of 10/13/2017 to reflect the changes in the contest) For Halloween this year, a few of us citizens and the town manager have gotten together to organize some community fun. One group of ladies started a trunk or treat, which I had mentioned earlier in a Selectman’s Meeting Blog. AsContinue reading “Halloween Fun in Danforth 2017”