2020 Goals: Updated

Let me start this blog out with a long drawn out, slightly hysterical bout of laughter Ahahahahhahbahaahbahahahahaahaaaaa 2020 was NOTHING like what we expected it to be- so much so that the reverberations can still be felt. So without further ado- our updated goal list for 2020- what the heck did we actually get doneContinue reading “2020 Goals: Updated”

2019 Goals Updated

An update blog for our 2019 goals

Counting Eggs Before They Hatch

Ok, so not literally. But I went and announced some news that I probably just should have kept under my hat. I will not be blogging for Bangor Daily News. Because this blog focuses on our business so heavily, it wouldn’t conform to their terms and conditions. While there is regret on both sides, itContinue reading “Counting Eggs Before They Hatch”