How to Build Alpaca Fencing

So really, MrGillis is the authority on this, but until he is willing to sit down and write a post himself, I guess I just have to explain it as best I can, myself. I decided to write this blog, because I am proud of our fencing. Like, really proud. We get complimented on it,Continue reading “How to Build Alpaca Fencing”

A Hint At What Is To Come At Gillis Gardens.

  Mr Gillis can be seen here, clearing out lots of side and front yard pasture- Here is what this area looked like before – including a huge ground wasp/hornet/demon stinging insect that MrGillis said he thought was a rock at first. We didn’t get picture of it, we just killed it. And here isContinue reading “A Hint At What Is To Come At Gillis Gardens.”