Homestead Life : The Death of An Alpaca Named Petunia.

The Death of An Alpaca during winter in Maine

What’s in a logo?

The first step in branding our small business

Goals for 2019

Homestead Goals for 2019

Turning Fiber into Money

Part of our homestead dream is for our animals to basically pay for themselves. This has been a bit of a trial and error deal with the chickens (best money so far is in pickled eggs by far, but it is a time intensive and smelly process). With our herd of alpacas, we are hopingContinue reading “Turning Fiber into Money”

The Alpacas have been SHEARED

A big Thanks to the crew of Mariacher Shearing Service- they got to our place in the middle of no where, set up their stations, had our herd taken care of and were back on the road to the next job in less then 2 and a half hours. It was a whirlwind, an educationContinue reading “The Alpacas have been SHEARED”

Joining the Alpacas Owner’s Association

The Alpaca’s Owners Association (AOA) is a national registry to help alpaca owners navigate the industry, for both the best of the owners and the animals. There are three tiers of membership, Alpaca Owner, Registry Member and Association Member. There are quite a few differences between the three tiers, and if you’re interested in thoseContinue reading “Joining the Alpacas Owner’s Association”

A General Guide to Alpaca Care

If you haven’t read our insane, how we got alpacas story, you really should. It’s good background for this post.  A Complete Novice’s Guide to Alpaca Care: Meaning me, I am the novice. And I am here to share with you how I take care of our herd in a general every day basis. There areContinue reading “A General Guide to Alpaca Care”

Meet Our Alpacas!

We have been spending the last few days getting to know our new family members and we thought it was time for some introductions. We’ll update with new pictures and personality factoids as we get them.  Our alpacas are Huayacas- this basically means that their fiber is soft, dense and has a crimp in it. Continue reading “Meet Our Alpacas!”