Harvest Season- Peas, by the pound and by the pod

Just look at those beauties, right there! As we got a late start on our garden, we are just now receiving the beginning bounty of our labors. With the help of my delightful little munchkin, we got to picking. And then with the help of netflix(The Ranch is awesome and I love Sam Elliot withContinue reading “Harvest Season- Peas, by the pound and by the pod”

Harvest Time- Freezing Zucchini

Give this girl a garden full of zucchini and she’ll have bread all year long thru this easy peasy method of processing The trick to keeping your gardens abundant zucchini harvest is to freeze it. But, unfortunately, it’s not as if you can just stick whole zucchinis in the freezer and walk away. Nope. YouContinue reading “Harvest Time- Freezing Zucchini”