Harvest Season- Peas, by the pound and by the pod

Just look at those beauties, right there! As we got a late start on our garden, we are just now receiving the beginning bounty of our labors. With the help of my delightful little munchkin, we got to picking. And then with the help of netflix(The Ranch is awesome and I love Sam Elliot withContinue reading “Harvest Season- Peas, by the pound and by the pod”

Picking and Freezing Strawberries.

  Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to drive up the road a good bit to go get strawberries.   We have to travel about 50 miles one way to go pick and usually we go to town and get 30+ quarts. This year, Izzy couldn’t quite handle the excitement and we onlyContinue reading “Picking and Freezing Strawberries.”