Growing Garlic – Take 2

Our second attempt at growing garlic on our homestead.

Weekend Warriors- May 2018

We had another busy month here on the homestead- Early on in the month we picked up our finished alpaca yarn – it’s been a slow process of putting it into skeins at this point. I’ll expand on this in a future blog tho, as it has been a long and slightly crazy process. LiterallyContinue reading “Weekend Warriors- May 2018”

Weekend Warriors- April 2018

Its been a crazy month- we’ve still been solidly locked into winter weather with a very slow melt of the snow all around our area. But we have kept ourselves busy, because that helps pass the time even tho winter seems to be moving along at a crawl. The first half of the month wasContinue reading “Weekend Warriors- April 2018”

Our Seeds have ARRIVED!

I LOVE Johnny’s Select Seeds. We, LITERALY place our seed order yesterday and THEY ARRIVED TODAY. Now, I get that we’re in Maine and so are they, but seriously, wowzas. Well, most of them arrived at least. Our Onion starts aren’t going to be coming til the end of the month(which is when we’d beContinue reading “Our Seeds have ARRIVED!”

Getting Ready for Spring- Seed sorting

So, I know I just got done complaining in my last blog that March in Maine is NOT SPRING, but that led me to wanting more spring like activities in my life, because ugh. Enough is enough winter. This means that about the only thing I can do to make it feel more spring like,Continue reading “Getting Ready for Spring- Seed sorting”

Official Breaking News!

So remember when I posted our 2018 goals list, and said I couldn’t reveal the details of every thing because some of it was still in the works? Well the time has come to let you in on one of those plans. We have officially become Coast Of Maine Dealers! For those of you thatContinue reading “Official Breaking News!”

Strawberry Fields – Fall Update

(For a quick reminder on how we started our strawberry growing adventures read this and this) So, we suck at weeding- But look at all these beautiful healthy plants! And runners!   Now, after some more research, I have discovered that we want to harden off our plants for our climate by letting them experienceContinue reading “Strawberry Fields – Fall Update”

MOFGA Common Ground Fair 2017

Our morning started before dawn – like 4 am before dawn. The excitement was in the air, the animals were taken care of and we were on the road for Unity Maine by 5:30. Then ten miles out of town we had to turn back because we realized we forgot the snack bag. No matter,Continue reading “MOFGA Common Ground Fair 2017”

WHAT WE HAVE TO GET DONE THIS YEAR- and I mean before snow flies in November.

Seriously we have a lot. Garden harvest – ongoing and ever changing- probably don’t need much of anything as we already have lots of freezer space and canning stuff. Chicken coop and fence overhaul- redo inside of chicken coop, put nesting boxes lower and both roosting bars on non-window side with new dropping catcher boardContinue reading “WHAT WE HAVE TO GET DONE THIS YEAR- and I mean before snow flies in November.”