How to: Discourage Your Rhubarb From Bolting

How to quickly and efficiently discourage your rhubarb plants from bolting.

Wild Chamomile Aka Pineapple Weed

Wild chamomile (aka Pineapple Weed) is a herb that grows abundantly around the northern hemisphere. The little yellow bulbs pop up late spring into the late summer. It grows pretty much anywhere, but especially loves areas where the ground was disturbed recently, or is gravelly in nature. We have a large patch growing where areContinue reading “Wild Chamomile Aka Pineapple Weed”

Harvest Season- Peas, by the pound and by the pod

Just look at those beauties, right there! As we got a late start on our garden, we are just now receiving the beginning bounty of our labors. With the help of my delightful little munchkin, we got to picking. And then with the help of netflix(The Ranch is awesome and I love Sam Elliot withContinue reading “Harvest Season- Peas, by the pound and by the pod”

Weekly(ish) Update – End of July/Start of August 2017

Last I wrote about our DIY homesteading projects, we were cleaning up quite the mess that was left behind by the previous lands tenants. Since then, we’ve dragged (most of) that junk to the dump, burned a bunch of crap wood, cleared up to our line (almost) and spent most of our free time workingContinue reading “Weekly(ish) Update – End of July/Start of August 2017”

Dill Seed Collection

Dill is an amazingly fragrant, tasty herb that grows prolifically in a lot of different climates. It grows fast and is used in different stages of life for different things. When its just sprouting, baby dill is prized for the taste it lends to crispy dilly beans or pickles. When its mature and has goneContinue reading “Dill Seed Collection”

Roadside foraging- Apples.

Apples- now this is something that is abundant in Maine. They are literally EVERYWHERE this season.  And while we love going to orchards and grabbing a peck or two, how we get the bulk of our apples is pretty simple.  We ride up and down old county roads. We find a tree that has applesContinue reading “Roadside foraging- Apples.”

Garden update 09.14.15 

So I know I promised a post about apple picking, but they aren’t as ripe as we thought they were. So for now I’m going to brag about our wonderful no hands garden.  It’s been a bountiful year here at Gillis Gardens. So far we have pounds of green beans, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and zucchiniContinue reading “Garden update 09.14.15 “

Harvest Time- Freezing Zucchini

Give this girl a garden full of zucchini and she’ll have bread all year long thru this easy peasy method of processing The trick to keeping your gardens abundant zucchini harvest is to freeze it. But, unfortunately, it’s not as if you can just stick whole zucchinis in the freezer and walk away. Nope. YouContinue reading “Harvest Time- Freezing Zucchini”

Putting the Dill in DillyBean!

A Spicy Pickled Dilly Bean sure to please the senses!