How To – Make Emergency Candles

How to reuse common household trash into a long lasting emergency candle!

How To- Make Slime!

How To: Make Slime!
3 Simple Recipes and 5 Tips For Slime Making Success.

What’s in a logo?

The first step in branding our small business

Making a Stew with a Roux

I love cold weather cooking. Soups, pot pies, stews, noodle dishes, rice dishes, warm comfort foods that connect with your SOUL, man. And March in Maine is not spring folks- we are STILL getting freezing temps and snow even tho its supposedly spring. This blog is all about turning your chicken soup, into chicken STEW.Continue reading “Making a Stew with a Roux”

Christmas Craftiness – Homemade Garland

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE holidays. Enough to sit down and write a whole blog about christmas music.  enough to sit down for hours and make homemade decorations for the big family gathering christmas tree. including: Cinnamon Dough ornaments Snowflakes Paper Chain Garland   and this monstorsity Yup. Mr Gillis and I spent twoContinue reading “Christmas Craftiness – Homemade Garland”

Slow Cooker Turkey Tacos

So this is a quick to assemble meal, that really is better the longer it sits in the crock pot. I’m all about quick meals right now, because holy moly we have a lot going on. So to the recipe- For this recipe you’ll need: 1- 20oz package ground turkey 1 – can green enchiladaContinue reading “Slow Cooker Turkey Tacos”

Slow feed hay cage for livestock

Thursday afternoon I walked into a very messy barn housing some very happy looking alpacas.   This is a becoming an expensive mess. So being the DIY problem solver that I am, I made a quasi-slow feeder hay cage Saturday morning. The deal with it is simple. I took two pieces of similar sized weldedContinue reading “Slow feed hay cage for livestock”