The Shed Project

Here, in chronological order, are the links to our renovation blog series about turning the original homestead into a useful part of our new homestead. Starting from the very first on down to the latest news on how our shed is looking and working.

Setting Up The Homestead – Part 1

Setting up the Homestead Part 2

Setting up the Homestead part 3

Setting up the Homestead Part 4

Setting up the homestead Part 5

Setting up the homestead- The finale

Weekend Warriors – 2nd Week of 2017

Weekend warriors -2nd half of January 2017

Weekend warriors – The Sum of February 2017

Weekend Warriors – Last week of Feb 2017

Weekend Warriors – Month of March/First Week of April.

Weekend Warriors- 3rd week of October

Weekend Warriors – Last of October 2017

Weekend Warriors- The Sum of November 2017

Weekend Warriors – First half of December 2017

Weekend Warriors- End of 2017, Start of 2018.

Weekend Warriors- February 2018

Weekend Warriors- The Month Of March

Weekend Warriors- April 2018

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