Counting Eggs Before They Hatch

Ok, so not literally. But I went and announced some news that I probably just should have kept under my hat.

I will not be blogging for Bangor Daily News.

Because this blog focuses on our business so heavily, it wouldn’t conform to their terms and conditions. While there is regret on both sides, it is what it is.

But, this whole thing has still really taught me a lot.

  1. Read terms and conditions before submission.
  2. An actual publication thought my work was good enough to use on their website- YEA!
  3. It’s best to get the whole situation situated, so to speak, before making a big deal. (this has previously bitten me in the butt several times in life and yet I still get over excited about some things… whatchagonnado?)
  4. Our blog is not really a business, per say, but is is so intertwined with what we do that I couldn’t say honestly that it wasn’t a business blog. We don’t sell anything, or even promote products that we’ve made. We have not made a red cent off this thing, and likely never will. But keeping true to our format is SO important to me, and I’ve learned that it’s more important to write how and about what I want then to try and get exposure thru someone’s else’s publication. If I’m meant to reach people, I will just fine thru here.

So, while its a disappointment that I will not be sharing this blog on BDN’s website, it just doesn’t work for us and what we want for this page. No harm, no foul on either side. Maybe, we’re just meant for different things here at Gillis Gardens.

So, sorry for the confusion, but overall, Mr Gillis and I feel best about continuing on how we are.

Until next time, have a wicked good day!


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